Monday, June 29, 2009

Hi everyone! I am trying to catch up on my blog postings but I am really getting very busy exploring new things. I am rolling like crazy and like to grab anything I can get my hands on! I was 13 lbs and almost 27 inches at my 6 month appointment. Very tall and skinny! Hmm wonder where I get that from?

Happy Birthday Daddy! Here's your card!!

I get SO thirsty down here in the desert.

Sometimes I like to sleep in my crib sideways.

Happy 1st Father's Day Daddy! It was a big month for my daddy!

Yummy peas!Sweet Potatoes anyone?

I love to swim! I had my first swim lessons and was the youngest one in the class. I

had so much fun playing in the water!

Just taking a rest after a hard day of playing!

Just cuddling with mama...

Chillin' in my new outfit...

Strike a pose!

Daddy & Mommy can I be a drummer in the band?

I love my baths almost as much as the pool!

Bye for now, I'll be in touch again real soon!